Advantages of Billtobox

No more searching in folders

In addition to the time you save when processing invoices, you and your firm also save time thanks to the digital file. Find the necessary documents with a single mouse click without having to search through the dusty archive between all those folders.

More interesting work for you and your firm

Finding qualified personnel is not easy. Because the processing of invoices is faster, you process extra files with the same number of staff members. In addition, a job in your firm also becomes more attractive because more time is left for the advisory role and the interactions with the customer.

You have total control

You always retain control of the entire process. All documents are forwarded to your firm throughout the year, but you choose when they need to be processed. Process received invoices and receipts throughout the year at the time that is most efficient for you and your firm.

Take your customer relationship to the next level

Thanks to the Billtobox platform you give your customers an extra push. Not only do you provide them with excellent advice, you also help them digitise their administration. Billtobox gives them the opportunity to send all their received invoices and receipts directly to you anytime, anywhere. In this way, you relieve your customers of the stressful administrative hassle and they can focus on expanding and continuing the business.

Billtobox also offers the best price on the market!

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Why choose Billtobox?

Works seamlessly with your accounting package

Billtobox easily integrates with the accounting package of your choice. This means that you and your employees can continue to work with the familiar systems that are now used in your firm. 

Automatic connection:

Exact Online - Expert/M - Adsolut - PingWin - Wings - Wings Online - Yuki

Manual connection:

Attilissima - BOB50 Sage - topACCOUNT - Winbooks Classic - Octopus - Vero - Zensoft - BoCount - BoCount Dynamics - Admisol - Oras


The Billtobox environment in the style of your firm 

Besides the Billtobox environment, we also offer a fully personalized environment in the corporate identity of your firm. 

The Billtobox platform can not only be designed in the colors of your firm, you can also decide which name you give the platform. Would you like to link the name of your firm to this? That's also possible.

Strengthen the position of your brand even more by letting your clients work in an environment that is fully linked to your firm. You and your clients get all the functionalities of a Billtobox, but in the look and feel that you have chosen.

A personalized Billtobox in the corporate identity of your firm? It's possible.
Experience the ease of working with the different functionalities of a Billtobox, but this in the look & feel of your firm.

Not only do your employees feel more connected to your firm, also your customers can now work anytime and anywhere with a unique platform fully personalized to your firm.

Give not only your clients, but also your employees that little bit extra. By offering them a user-friendly platform in the familiar look & feel of your firm.


A branded community for your firm and all your customers? 
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