The Billtobox by Unifiedpost solution now also convinces France!


As you could have read in the press recently, a partnership has been signed between Unifiedpost and the Ordre des expert comptables to launch a digital platform for accountants in France, named

With this partnership, Unifiedpost reaches 20,000 accountants who support about 2,000,000 SMEs in France. This enables improvements and expansions to the platform that will benefit all Billtobox users.

The French accountant and entrepreneur will now also be able to use Billtobox, albeit under the name Of course, this also means that both platforms are compatible. Despite the fact that different electronic invoice standards are used per country, Billtobox and make it possible for accountants and entrepreneurs in Belgium and France to exchange electronic invoices without any problems.

This collaboration is a new step in Unifiedpost's objective to be the only one to develop a uniform European system for electronic invoicing, thus further stimulating and supporting the digital transformation of accountants and entrepreneurs.
The launch of Billtobox is now also a fact in the Netherlands.

Read more about this partnership in the press release on the Unifiedpost website.