Why digitize your administration as an entrepreneur?

Administration on paper - think: receipts (fuel, taxi…), incoming and outgoing invoices, contracts… - require a thorough structure and follow-up and will cost a lot of time and effort no matter what. These papers also need to be stored and forwarded to the accountant. Recent events regarding the coronavirus have made this much more difficult.

Of course this is a difficult time for everyone. But it could also offer an opportunity to move forward on desired changes that were delayed over and over, and benefit from them. This certainly applies for digitizing your administration.

In this blog we’ll sum up a few reasons why a digitized administration and invoicing will offer you added value and how Billtobox can be of help.

Gain of time

No more editing of invoices in excel, searching for receipts and contracts in folders or boxes… All of this gets created and collected digitally. Receipts and documents can easily be scanned through the Billtobox app on your smartphone. Invoices and contracts in pdf or scanned copies are read, saved and archived on the digital platform of Billtobox. Thanks to the integrated recognition software (OCR), the information of the documents can be read and automatically be placed into the right fields.

Easier and faster transfer to your accountant

In addition you no longer need to bring all your folders or boxes to your accountant. You can transfer this through the digital platform. Billtobox is compatible with the current accountancy software and therefore all documents get delivered fast and easy to your accountant.

Gain more space

Thanks to digitalization you no longer need folders, boxes or filing cabinets. So naturally this means lots more space. Your administration is stored on the Billtobox platform (for a minimum of 7 years), which also makes it easier to manage and find your documents.

Fewer risk of errors

The built-in recognition software (OCR) allows that amounts, account numbers, structured communications… no longer need to be filled in manually. This avoids the risk of errors. Quite a reassurance, no?

When your clients or suppliers also work with Billtobox, checking of invoices will become really easy.

More organized

Because all documents are neatly arranged on the platform and the status of your incoming and outgoing invoices can be updated automatically, you always have a complete overview of your documents and of the financial state of your organization.

Are you prepared to give a digital administration a chance? Good idea! Register now for the Billtobox platform and get started. No worries, we are here to guide you in every step of the way.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The billtobox team


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