Ria D’hooghe testimonial


Ria D’hooghe runs an accountancy firm in Ternat. For 15 years, she and her colleagues have been providing clients with accounting support.

Due to a personnel change a while back that did not happen smoothly at all, Ria was looking for a solution to avoid similar problems in the future.
She decided to go fully digital and Billtobox has proven to be the perfect partner for this. Switching to different software was not an option for Ria and, thanks to the seamless link between Billtobox and her accounting software, it was not necessary either.

By working with Billtobox, she has been able to spread the workload over the entire year, thereby reducing the quarterly workload considerably. Client documents are now available at all times. This greater efficiency also makes it possible to process more files.

Ria D’hooghe recommends Billtobox to clients for various reasons:

Low price
• Multiple functions in a single platform
• Payment function that enables cash flow monitoring
• Continuous evolution and improvements at Billtobox



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