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Bultijnck & De Smedt is an accounting firm in Buggenhout, with a clientele consisting primarily of small businesses, sole proprietors and corporations. They have noticed that their clients show an increasing preference for digital accounting and the possibility to avoid having to travel back and forth to the accountant’s office. Frédéric Wauthier, a partner of Bultijnck & De Smedt, explains that most accounting software is too technically specific, making it unsuitable for many business professionals.

We’re convinced that going digital and leaving the paper trail behind will result in more efficient business operations.

Billtobox offers the perfect alternative. According to Frédéric Wauthier, it gives their clients the possibility to access, upload and prepare invoices quickly and easily at any time and place. He also thinks that the app that can be used to scan receipts offers tremendous added value.
And the possibility to share documents digitally at any time is also very advantageous. It enables faster processing and, consequently, the possibility to submit periodic figures to clients more quickly. As a result, the focus shifts from manual input to advising clients.

Like us, Frédéric is convinced that the more business professionals decide to go digital, the easier it will be to leave behind the paper trail and run a business more efficiently.


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