Postponement of submission of VAT

On 18 March 2020, the Federal Public Service Finance sent a communication on additional support measures in response to the coronavirus.

Companies experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) were already able to apply for support measures from the Federal Public Service Finance.

In addition, the federal government has now also decided to take additional measures to create financial breathing space for businesses, entrepreneurs but also for families. In this way, they want to mitigate the financial consequences of the virus as much as possible.

Postponement of the submission of VAT


Are you a starter, do you have a permit for a monthly refund and do you wish to benefit from the monthly refund of your VAT credit? If so, you will be granted a postponement until 3 April 2020 for the return of February 2020, instead of only until the 24th of the month following the return period.



- Deadline extended to 30 April 2020
- If you have ceased your activity: at the latest at the end of the 4th month following the cessation of your activity subject to VAT.

Wish you had more information:

- Postponement for filing the declarations in the FAN, RPB and BNI with deadline from 16 March to 30 April 2020 inclusive
- Postponement of submission of VAT returns
- Accelerated VAT refund for the February 2020 monthly return
- Payment of VAT and withholding tax
- Payment of personal and corporate income tax

Consult the website of the Federal Public Service Finance

Source: Federal Public Service Finance

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