Advantages of Billtobox

No more late payments

You have a status overview (based on the expiration date) anytime, anywhere, whether it concerns outstanding purchase or sales invoices. You won't lose sight of any deadlines via the clear dashboard. So you can be sure that everything has been paid on time and avoid unnecessary costs.



No more wasting time searching between those stacks of paper

Lost a VAT receipt? Looking for that paper invoice from a few months ago? Well, thanks to Billtobox this is now a thing of the past! Because you can upload all your documents via a few mouse clicks or via the scan function in the app into your Billtobox account, you no longer have to search between those piles of paper on your desk. Via the digital archive you can safely retrieve all invoices 24/7.

The endless search for that one invoice is now a thing of the past thanks to our all-in-one platform.


Everything within one online platform

Thanks to this solution, you as an entrepreneur can manage all your administration via one online platform. At home, on your computer or even on the go via your smartphone. You can consult all your documents, outstanding invoices and sent sales invoices anytime, anywhere. As an entrepreneur, you get the chance to invest your valuable time in your business. So you no longer have to sacrifice hours and days to process those piles of paper.



Track & trace your sent invoices

When you want to send an invoice via Billtobox, Billtobox offers you the possibility to view the status of the invoice. By status we mean: has the invoice been opened? If so, you can find the date and time of the opening.

When you send an invoice via the platform, in addition to the pdf invoice, a link will also be sent in the e-mail. When your customer clicks on this link to view the invoice in the Billtobox portal, the track&trace function is activated. This allows you to quickly check whether your customer has received and viewed your invoice correctly.



The fastest way to E-invoicing

Billtobox complies with european guidelines. We are the access point to the PEPPOL network, making sending electronic invoices to the government a piece of cake.

Billtobox e-invoice self-service portal enables you to prepare and send e-invoices to your local e-invoicing network, international e-invoices to various EU countries and to PEPPOL. The self-service environment is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

E-invoicing reduces the number of steps involved in the traditional invoicing process which results in considerable time saving for both senders and receivers. As a result, invoices are paid faster. Manual handling and data entry is minimized, errors and mistakes are less likely to appear.

The fastest and easiest way to E-invoicing is Billtobox!

When you choose Billtobox, you choose for

Saving more time

An all-in-one platform for
all your administration

An up-to-date overview of
your cash flow

24/7 availability of the
online archive

A continuously improving

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